“You’re going to hell”: two singles warm up ‘First Dates’ at the end of the appointment in the jacuzzi

Ainara confessed to Javier that it was “his dessert”.


First Dates The temperature has risen for the spectators in his “Special White Week”. Javier and Ainara have finished the appointment in the best possible way: eating dessert in the jacuzzi (not between them). He is a 28-year-old boy, a photographer who likes adventure, she is a 27-year-old from Tenerife who considers herself “a 10”. She has an explosive mixture that has been shown on the Carlos Sobera program.

Javier confessed to his date his profession and that he is very adventurous, something that she loved. “I want you to photograph me on Teide,” Ainara acknowledged. Both are considered “very forward“and they believe that having a partner is something that arises, something that has brought them closer together. And it is that, the two diners have been attracted since they have seen each other.

The Canarian put a condition to continue knowing Javier. “I believe in old fashioned love: Get married and have children. I would not be with a person who does not want to have children because it would not enter into my plans, “Ainara confessed to the surprise of his appointment. The bachelor confessed that he likes children, but that if he marries it is civil.

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These statements caused the only “encounter” among the diners. “Well, too bad, I am a very believer and very Catholic. I love the mass,” Ainara replied. “It doesn’t suit her to be religious“Javier declared while affirming that he was sure that the young woman would love her mother and grandmother.

”I am Javi’s dessert,” the Tenerife woman shouted after getting into the jacuzzi that the program has prepared for this special week. The chemistry between the two crossed the screen and the fooling around was growing to such an extent that they almost kissed, but that ended in a massage from Ainara who was making her appointment. After playing in the water, Javier has commented that she is going to go to hell, referring to her faith.

To be religious, you’re going to hell

“I throw the stone and hide my hand. I am like a microwave: I heat but I don’t cook. I like that it tastes, I don’t want to give it all to him now. He has been left wanting a kiss, but he has to earn it by coming to Tenerife”, declared Ainara in the totals. In the final decision, both with their nervous smiles of liking each other, have confessed that they have had a great time and have decided that they would like to have another date.

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