Youtubers Life 2: a video game full of film and series references

You will be able to feel like some of the protagonists of your favorite stories from the big and small screen.

If you love movies and series but also video games, now you can unite both passions in Youtubers Life 2, the new video game that you can now find on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. In it you can be a true content creator and build from a house to an avatar using the wide variety of objects that you can acquire. You will be able to feel that you can reach any corner of the planet with the Ant-Man suit or move into space with the disguise of a soldier of the Assault Troops of Star Wars.

Next, we compile some of these cinephile and series references so that you don’t miss any while you become the creator of a new reality within NewTube City.

Star Wars

Have you ever dreamed of dressing up as some of the characters from Star Wars and feel that the Force is with you? In Youtubers Life 2 it will be possible. You can get the complete outfit of a Stormtrooper soldier and put it on your character. Also, there is a poster in the cinema based on the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. But not only are details of the movies appear, the new and successful series The Mandalorian is going to be the protagonist, and how could little Baby Yoda be otherwise, the doll appears in geektopia, but at the moment it cannot be obtained as decoration


Marvel comics and his films collect millions of fans around the world, and if you are one of them you will not be able to wait to discover everything that this video game has prepared. From different elements such as mugs and masks inspired by Marvel superheroes, such as Iron Man, a mask inspired by the character of Miles Morales, the full suit based on the suit from the Ant-man movie or comics based on X-Men or Daredevil and that you can buy in Geektopia.

If there is something that you may find, it is also some dialogues from Toby Spark and Iron-dude, specifically during the first mission of Dr. Ermingaut, who says that they want to replace him with Toby Spark, the genius and attractive inventor. You can also use a poster for the city and a reaction card based on scenes from the spider man movies.


Throughout the game there are different characters that contain very different and special attached stories that are responsible for granting special rewards. Related to the DC Multiverse there are several linked to these comics. One of them is the character of broke, which you can see momentarily around the city and is inspired by the character Arrow. On the other hand, you can meet Zane, which is inspired by the character from the latest Aquaman movie, played by Jason Momoa. In addition, we can see the scepter of this same character in the fisherman’s store. And if you are very observant, do not miss a poster in the secret room of Geektopia that is inspired by Shazam.

Series and manga world

The series have become one more companion of our day to day, for this reason there could not be missing references to some of the most outstanding titles of recent years such as The Umbrella Academy, in which you will also find Dorian and that is inspired by the character of Klaus from fiction and homonymous comics.

One of the great icons of the original Netfflix series that will have a representative space will be Paquita Salas. The mayor of NewTube city, who will give us one of the most important missions in the game, is inspired by the protagonist of Spanish fiction. If you meet the assistant Grace from Er-Tech may be something of her familiar personality, and that is that she was born from the virtual assistant of the Netflix series The Good Place.

If you are passionate about the manga genre, you will be happy to find different objects like decorations of the city and stores, like Neku’s funko poster and “Wanted” poster from One Piece.

Movie classics

If there is something that generates more nostalgia and the need to have it, it is everything related to pop culture. If you are a fan of movies like Jurassic Park, Jumanji, Return to the future O Men in Black you will be able to enjoy and use different elements of the film to feel like one more in the jungle, travel to the future or live in the most risky game in the history of cinema.

Youtubers Life 2

Some of the objects that you can find are: a poster at the cinema entrance based on the iconic t-rex scene in Jurassic Park, a T-shirt from the tape in the secret room of Geektopia, the time machine from Back to the Future, a board game that you can buy in Geektopia based on the board of the movie Jumanji and the invention of Doctor Er- Memory Erase Brainlyzer, displayed on the left side of Er-Tech.

You can also find objects and nods to other film classics such as Titanic, Donnie Darko the included White House. In the history of Baba May, you will see a diamond, which is inspired by that Rose wore on the ribbon. Dronni’s mask, the first DJ Fox mask, is inspired by the character of Jake Gyllenhaal, star of Donnie Darko. Again the posters are protagonists and in the cinema you can find one with the scene between Rick Blain and Ilsa Lund.

But not everything was going to be live action films and series, you can also find a reference to the Disney animated film 101 Dalmatians. The character of Tooth It is inspired by the famous villain from the film, Cruella de Vil.