‘Zeynep, looking for his father’: the series that brought Kerem Bürsim to fame in Turkey, but for which he almost abandoned his career

The series is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 22:00 on Divinity.

What would have happened to the Turkish phenomenon without Kerem Bürsin? We don’t even want to imagine it, but for a while we almost left undiscovered to the successful actor. Yes, as you read. The interpreter of Love is in the air he was about to give up his acting career during the filming of Zeynep, looking for her father for a surprising reason.

Zeynep, looking for her father it was the first big series with which Bürsim conquered Turkey. This was the first project for which returned to his native country after growing up in the United States. From a very young age, he was clear about his passion for the world of acting, because he settled in Los Angeles in search of fulfilling his dream. While he was training and doing various jobs, such as a driver or a waiter, he began as an actor in some American television movies.

His life changed completely when he met a renowned Turkish producer who suggested that he return to his native country, seeing him as a great success in Ottoman productions. Bürsim took his suitcases and went to Turkey, where he debuted in 2013 with his first role in the series. Zeynep, looking for her father. Thanks to this project, and the power of conviction of the Turkish producer, Bürsim got great fame in his native country, although he was about to leave the youth series for an important reason: the language.

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Before starting filming zeynep, the actor worked hard to become fluent in the local language. After so many years away from his native country, English was his main language so he didn’t have a perfect command of Turkish. A 26-year-old Bürsim began taking private lessons and spent many hours preparing for the role. Despite this, the interpreter thought to abandon and return to North America where he felt more comfortable.

Büsim did not stop fighting for his dream and over time, Kerem managed to master Turkish as his native language. Thanks to his efforts his co-stars who offered him a lot of help, the successful actor managed to move on. And the truth is that he has not done badly, since every series that he stars in ends up becoming a great success.

The series, which is broadcast from Wednesday to Friday at 10:30 p.m. at Divinity, follows the story of Zeynep (Hande Doğandemir), a young woman who has just arrived in Istanbul from her hometown where she will get a scholarship at an elite school to find a better life. Bürsin, in her most adolescent version, plays the charismatic and spoiled son of the owners of the Sayer College, who will try to make life impossible for the protagonist.

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