Zombie movie download by the website Filmyzilla

 Zombie movie download by the website Filmyzilla

Friends like Gopi, Sudhakar, Bijli Ramesh, etc. get drunk and take a room at the resort to forget their various problems.

Yashika Anand comes there to party with her classmates. Don Yogi Babu arrives there to retrieve his phone from Bijli. The story is about how all these people escape from there to become a zombie with spoiled chicken being served at the resort.

Stories like this abound in Hollywood. But the serious screenplay in those films attracts us. But this has nothing to say. Every film has a purpose and if that purpose is fulfilled properly the fans will get a satisfying film.

zombies don’t know if they know that purpose in the film. The film is such a horrible experience. They have Tamilized the zombie that has come in many ways in English films. It’s okay to look at the tiger and draw a line for the cat.

But, the rats have been hit with paint. The film is decidedly a complete comedy. We didn’t laugh at the medicine either.

The zombie attempt by Mruthan was somewhat successful. The film digs a hole and buries the whole thing. Gopi, Sudhakar are the ones who are mixed up by the pitfalls on YouTube. They have made us miserable in this film. The bad theme for Bijli Ramesh; Name it Comedy!

The film ends with Yogi waiting for Babu to make him laugh somewhere. A scene from the film turns out to be a demanding experience if you expect it to be written to bring laughter. Starting with the budget bluntly appearing on the sets of the film, CG, make-up, zombie blood are all sotappal.

Director Bhuvan Nalan has filmed Kangana Ranaut as a model who should not be laughed at. The story, the screenplay doesn’t even play a small part in the glamor that exists in the YouTube video. Strange comedy attempt but vague, unnecessary attempt.